Perfect Network Antispy

Perfect Network Antispy 2.0

Perfect Network antispy is free for personal use in networks
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Perfect Network Antispy is free for personal use in networks with a maximum of five windows hosts.

Perfect Network Antispy can detect and clean noxious programs like spyware, adware, backdoors, Trojans and many more on all Windows host in the network.
This program can detect spyware/adware worms and other infections. Besides it has details on many known programs, dll,ocx and services that can help you in your search for potential dangers to your computer.
This can be done from a central point in the network, so there is no need to install on all hosts. Install Perfect Network Antispy on only one host and start the first antispyware scan of all hosts in the network. Scheduled scans can be setup to utilize perfect network antispy to its full potential.
It has a comprehensive online help

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